Echo Canyon Trail to Camelback Summit Hiking

One of two ways up to Camelback Mountain’s Summit, this is the recommended way to scramble to the top. As is the nature of stunning view hikes near Phoenix, this hike can be extremely crowded or hard to park at during busy days— so be sure to come on a weekday if you’re looking for an easier time.

Camelback is always a bit more of a bouldering climb than a true hike, so be prepared to use both hands and feet to reach the summit during this 2.5 mile long, 1414 foot high crawl to the top. The trail’s unique sort of difficulty is its own reward to experience, but the scenery up top overlooking the Phoenix area is just as worth the climb it took to get there. Just be careful going down, the challenge coming up means you’ll need to watch your step so you don’t slip.

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