Broken Arrow OHV Route ATVing

Sedona is a perfect locale for off-roading of all levels. The red sandstone canyons and buttes all around provide wonderful scenery, especially around sunrise and sunset, and the mix of backroads, sandy washes, and the signature sandstone of the region to crawl up. Because of all these factors, Sedona is an incredibly popular place to ride and has trails for drivers and vehicles of all levels.

One of the most recommended trails in the area is the Broken Arrow OHV Route. This 6.7 mile point to point trail is fairly popular on weekends and with tour groups alike due to all of the beautiful sandstone driven over and gorgeous sights out your window, and the route also provides a moderate challenge for folks looking to get a little technical on their drive. Due to its popularity, tackle this one early in the day or on a weekday.

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