Things to See and Do in Tucson and Mount Lemmon

If you consider the heart of a desert, some heat blasted and rocky terrain might come to mind; however, this is far from the case with Tucson. While the towering saguaros and open ranches might give you that dusty wild west feeling, this city down south has far more to offer for a genuine Southwest experience and beyond.

If you’re looking to enjoy the city, Tucson is a vibrant blend of multicultural heritage that shines through the architecture, performing and visual arts, and the highly rated restaurants that dot the city. Outside of Tucson, the terrain for hiking is just as diverse as the city itself - for the beautiful desert and high mountain ranges all around with dramatically changing scenery tailor to the palette of any hiker. Here are some of our favorite hiking spots to savor around Tucson before you head back to town for an equally mouthwatering meal.

Tucson Area Map

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