Marshall Gulch Loop Hiking

If you’re seeking a somewhat easier time while enjoying the rest of what Mount Lemmon has to offer, then the Marshall Gulch Loop has what you’re looking for. This trail’s parking lot is in a well maintained picnic area, and the loop itself is fair 4.4 miles with 865 feet in elevation gain— a far more moderate time than the nearby Lookout Trail if you’re looking to enjoy Mount Lemmon at a somewhat easier pace.

As far as scenery goes, what Marshall Gulch has going for it is how it immerses you in its ever changing nature as you ascend and descend around part of Marshall Peak. You’ll walk in the shade of pines, firs, oaks, and many aspens all while the ground is dotted with plentiful wildflowers. The trail is well dotted with small pools of water as well, and you’ll even get to peek down the granite walls that make up the tallest portions of Sabino Canyon far below. All in all this is a fairly rich hike for its length, and there’s nothing like a perfect spot to picnic once you’re through.

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