Mogollon Rim Weekend Getaway

Extending approximately 200 miles from Yavapai County to the edge of New Mexico, the Mogollon Rim offers stunning views of northern Arizona and the world’s largest Ponderosa pine forest. Much of the land below the Mogollon Rim rests 4,000 feet in elevation and can quickly rise up to approximately 8,000 ft when going up the rim, making plenty of room for picturesque escarpments overlooking Arizona’s untamed wilderness. Aside from its unique, forested rock formations, the Mogollon Rim is also home to over ten different lakes and many small streams where catching a trophy trout isn’t unheard of.

While on the Mogollon Rim, there’s a great number of things to see and do. Enjoy a delve  through the rich pines for hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, hunting, horseback riding, or ATVing— or just take a more leisurely day trip for a scenic drive or stargazing clearer skies. There’s plenty of boating and fishing to do on the Rim’s lakes, and the rocks of the Rim itself are a grand rock climbing opportunity.

Communities on or near the rim are Payson, Strawberry, Pine, Happy Jack, Forest Lakes, Heber, and Overgard. So there’s plenty of places to dine at or rent lodgings for a weekend or weekday stay.

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