Pinnacle Peak Trail Hiking

The name for this trail can be a bit deceptive, as you’ll never be able to actually reach the tempting formation of the Peak itself unless you’ve brought the proper rock climbing equipment. However, the trail is suitable and friendly for hikers of all levels, so it’s well worth the visit.

Pinnacle Peak trail winds up and down in a 1003 foot elevation gain across its 3.8 mile length, a much gentler rate of ascent and descent than other Phoenix hikes. The trail is also littered with markers for distance, so you’re never far off for knowing how long you’ve gone if you’re looking to turn back early. Additionally, there are two rest stops along the trail called Grandview and Owl’s Rest, and both provide their own spectacular views that point out opposite landmarks of the valley while granting a place to stop and rest. This trail can be pretty busy on the weekends, so be sure to come on a weekday unless you’re feeling up to a social trek.

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