Prescott Weekend Getaway

A mile high in elevation, the mild climate city of Prescott has a population of 42,000 residents within Yavapai County. When Arizona was still just a territory, Prescott was the capital on two different occasions— once from 1864 – 1867 and again from 1877-1889. This history is just a page in the rich past of Prescott, which can be felt and experienced through the city’s many museums and over 700 registered historical buildings ranging from Victorian homes to old timey saloons. Prescott is loaded with business for tourism, so it’s a worthwhile stop if you’re looking for art, antiques, cool weather golfing, or local eateries.

For those looking into more outdoor activities, Prescott has four lakes which can be used for fishing, canoeing/kayaking, and boating. The city is also surrounded by miles of lush, clean ponderosa pines that’s perfect for hiking, backpacking, biking, horseback riding, ATVing, and otherwise.

With Prescott being as large and cultured as it is, there are a plethora of spots to either dine or find accommodations for any length of stay.

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