Salt River (Upper and Lower) Kayaking

Winding across Arizona, the Salt River is generally divided into two sections. The Upper Salt River (or at least, the section legal to kayak) is known from where it crosses with US Highway 60 and runs all the way through national forest down to Lake Roosevelt. The Upper Salt definitely isn’t for first timers, as you’ll need experience with your own equipment to navigate the Class II to IV rapids that can vary in difficulty depending on the river flow and time of year; however, with proper planning and packing, this can make for a memorable river camping trip for an eventful few days.

Much like the Upper Salt, the Lower Salt has national forest on all sides for much of its length and its banked can be camped on for a multiday trip. Very much unlike the Upper Salt though, the Lower stretch of the river is calm and comfortable, and you’ll often find yourself simply meandering along the relaxing river if you’re not paddling. This section is well suited for beginners looking for their first river kayaking experience, or anyone just looking for a relaxing time, as the Lower Salt is also much easier to access in a variety of places all the way from Lake Roosevelt to where it connects with the Gila River.

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