Spur Cross Loop Hiking

Up by Cave Creek, this trail is a 5.2 mile loop with a mellow 465 elevation gain across lush desert and a thriving riparian area. While the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area has a number of excellent trails, this is the signature one and the best to enjoy time after time.

The loop runs right across Cave Creek itself (the creek, not the town) and you’ll find either a beautiful water feature or a dusty bed depending on rain and the time of year. We’d recommend coming in spring when everything’s bound to be flowing. Aside from the creek, you’ll hike through a thriving saguaro forest, find patches of shade under the cottonwoods, and see plenty of desert flowers of all colors to awe at. If you’re unaware of it, stumbling upon the Solar Oasis is also a treat— and the whole family can enjoy the sight of a thriving pond in the middle of the desert.

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