Arizona Trail Mountain Biking

Similar to the Great Western Trail, it’s difficult to describe the entire surroundings of the Arizona Trail, as 800 miles of its length stretch from the southern tip of our border with Mexico all the way to the north and into Utah. If you’re looking to appreciate just a part of this massive trail and a section that’s well regarded as some of the best it has to offer, then hit up its popular stretch near the Grand Canyon.

Passage 37 of the Arizona Trail stretches for 23 miles near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and a fair chunk of it being outside the park means you won’t have to deal with a flood of sightseers and tourists clogging up the trail. This section of the Arizona trail has a variety of sights to see and track to ride on, and you’ll find a plenty enjoyable ride through northern Arizona’s pines with a worthwhile end at the South Rim.

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