Bob Bear | Fossil Springs Trail Hiking

When you look up Fossil Creek swimming locales, you’ll often be directed to the slow waters under the Fossil Creek Bridge or a short 1 mile hike up to the waterfall swimming holes. However, if you’re a rugged hiker looking for the best of the best swimming holes that this creek has to offer— head up to the Bob Bear trail (formerly known as the Fossil Springs Trail).

The first half of the trail is a steep and rocky descent, and while down isn’t much of an issue it’s wise to keep the impending difficulty for the trip back in mind. It eventually smoothes out, for the most part, and you’ll follow water smoothed rocks and the sole path through well shaded trees until you eventually reach the wide and clear creek. Don’t stop yet though, keep going toward the abandoned dam and you’ll find your reward after your 4 mile hike. Here, you can stop for an extended swim at swimming holes such as the dam waterfall and the infamous “Toilet Bowl” that are both relatively quiet and empty compared to the packed tourist attractions a few miles downriver. While it’s tempting to spend the rest of the day enjoying the water, remember that you’ll have to make the much more difficult uphill ascent back to the car sooner or later. Regardless, the strenuous hike is worth every bit of the water time and unique experience you’ll find here.

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