Fay Canyon Hiking

This is another short but scenic hike, and benefits from plenty of shade and tree cover that other trails are often lacking in. The captivating views and relative ease of the trail make this one accessible for the whole family as well.

Though the hike is only a brisk 2.4 miles, it goes deep into the red rocks that give Sedona its soul and give hikers a chance to admire high canyon walls, unique vegetation hanging from the rocks, and all the shade they provide. The trail ends at impressive formations and a multitude of boulders, providing a fun spot for any family picture.

Some of this trail’s best sights are hidden well, so you’d best be on the lookout for them. Fay Canyon’s arch is easy to miss, as it lays close to and blends in well with the nearby canyon walls. All the same, it’s an impressive formation to stand under and admire. Near the end of the trail, if you peer closely, you’ll also see some evidence of long abandoned Native American ruins that likewise hide in the breathtaking scenery around them.

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