Boynton Canyon Hiking

A stunning canyon hike is always a treat, and Boynton Canyon delivers as one of the most beautiful in Sedona. This box canyon is filled with diverse sights and terrain, and is easily accessible to hikers of all experiences who want to take the full 6 mile round trip or just an early section.

Throughout your hike, Boynton Canyon provides a fair amount of landscape features to admire. Forest with a bounty of different plant life meets Sedona’s sandstone desert and mixes under towering canyon walls and red buttes. The trail is an out and back style trip, so you’ll be able to enjoy both sides of all the sights along the way.

The trailhead is very close to a resort, so expect the trail to be busy if you’re not there early or on a weekday. If you’d like to turn this to your favor, stop in after your hike for a convenient spot to get a cold drink and a bite to eat. The trail also has one of Sedona’s famous vortexes nearby, which you can find by turning down the short Boynton Vista trail.

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