Flagstaff Weekend Getaway

Resting in the high country of northern Arizona and at the foot of the San Francisco Peaks (including Arizona’s tallest mountain, Humphrey’s Peak), Flagstaff and the vast pine wilderness around it has a reason to visit for every season.

Hardly more than a two hour drive from Phoenix, winter snowfall provides an easy weekend trip to Arizona’s winter wonderland whether you’re looking to ski or snowboard down Snowbowl or just enjoy some snowy scenery. Spring and fall bring comfortably cool temperatures and their own respectively colorful hues for the area’s many hiking trails. As for the summer, a much needed break from the heat can be provided in clean mountain air.

As for more specific stops to experience, Flagstaff is also known as the ‘City of Seven Wonders’ because it sits amidst wonderful locations on all sides. Gorgeous canyons, stunning ruins, expansive forests, and volcanic remains are all within an hour drive of Flagstaff itself— and with so much to see and do no trip back will be the same.

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