Crown King Weekend Getaway

A former gold mining town located high in the Bradshaw Mountains just north of the Phoenix Metro area, with only a remaining population of approximately 130 residents, Crown King is a living ghost town. The community is dotted with cabins both new and historical that are still in use, and the blend of new and old applies to the way into town as well— for with rugged roads and a remote location, you’re probably hoofing it or taking an all-terrain vehicle into town. You could make this trip by car, but be prepared for a bumpy, dusty ride.

However, just because Crown King is small and remote, that doesn’t mean it’s a bore. Crown King Saloon and Cafe is the oldest running saloon in the state where many distinguished historical figures such as Pancho Via and the Earp brothers have stopped, and the town is famous for its special events and weekend music. Outside of the town and into the mountains it resides in, the dirt roads and dusty trails are full of opportunity for some of the best exploration in the state whether you’re on foot, horseback, or in a high-clearance vehicle; and after a long fulfilled day in the mountains, there are charming spots to dine or rent a room for the evening before returning home.

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