Grandview Trail Hiking

If you’re looking to avoid the possible crowds of Bright Angel and South Kaibab, and also have an interest in Arizona’s mining history, then the 12.5 mile loop of Grandview might be for you. Backpacking is available on this trail, so you can split the trek up between days if you’re not looking to tackle the whole length in one day.

This trail has a reputation for difficult terrain, so only take it if you’re ready for steep and rocky slopes along with whatever weather there is to throw at you. The main draw of this hike is Horseshoe Mesa, which provides a good turn around point for day-hikers, campgrounds for backpackers, and many remains of historical mining operations to poke your head in and around. Be sure to bring all the water you need, as Cottonwood Creek along the loop can be just as unreliable in hot months as it is a gorgeous place to stop in cooler ones.

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