Havasu Falls Hiking

Normally we’d add backpacking or lodging as a recommendation or an option for one of our favorite trails; however, it’s uniquely a requirement for this one if you want to see the grace and beauty of Havasu Falls for yourself— as you won’t be able to even take the trail if you haven’t made arrangements far in advance with the Havasupai Tribe.

Despite the trip being easier if you take the lodgings in Supai Village, we prefer backpacking the full and hard 10 miles through the gorgeous canyon scenery as the campgrounds are in the thick of the water you’re trekking to enjoy. Once you’re there and have your tent set up, your rewards are on all sides. A quick backtrack takes you to Havasu Falls, one of Arizona’s most iconic scenes and a near unbeatable place to cool off and swim. Going further takes you to Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls beyond that, and both of these spots also hold their own treasured swimming holes you won’t soon forget.

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