Hangover Trail Mountain Biking

This trail is only for themost experienced of bikers, and the only one on our list that’s rated as verydifficult. If you’re confident in your abilities, comfortable with heights, and willing to take a risk for a unique ride—then this is a true bucket list experience.

The numbersfor this trail don’t seem very intimidating at first, a mere 3.2 miles with only 240 feet to climb; however, this trail is still pretty serious despite being short. The ‘Hangover’ in its name comes from the sharp rock slopes, either forcing you uncomfortably close to the edge of slickrock drop offs or testing your suspension as you fly down the rock and try not to tumble. There’s no shame in walking some sections if you need to, but this is the sort of ride you won’t find anywhere else if you’re able to make it.

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