Hole in the Rock Trail Hiking

More of a short walk with a big pay off than a proper hike, this spot in Papago Park is somewhere to hit up at least once. A short 0.3 mile walk from the parking lot will take you up to the very aptly named Hole in the Rock. This spot can be pretty busy on weekends, so be sure to hit it up when you’ve got time to spare on a weekday.

While the trail itself gives some nice views of the park, it’s the end destination you’ll be writing home about rather than the journey. This open cave-like landmark is a fun spot to scramble up into and grab a photo inside, and it grants a pleasant view of the Phoenix skyline and a palm surrounded oasis nearby. The sunset views here are particularly spectacular to stick around for, but be sure to leave a bit early if you’re looking to avoid the crowd that time brings.

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