Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Kayaking

Spreading out like veins through the desert, Lake Powell looks far more like a water filled canyon than a true lake from high above, which can be somewhat true considering it was originally a further stretch of Glen Canyon before it was dammed. While Powell itself is artificial, the fun to be had on its waters is not, and whether you’re bringing your own kayak or renting one from the Marina— the pristine waters surrounded by brilliant red rock is one heck of a sight to awe at while you spend your day pleasantly paddling.

Below Glen Dam and Lake Powell, Glen Canyon is also an easy enough paddle for beginners, taking you through beautiful canyon scenery between Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon itself. The picturesque and often photographed view of Horseshoe Bend might be lost upon you if you’re not perceptive though, as you’ll be deep within the scenery rather than looking into it from far above. Though you’ll likely want to continue down the beautiful Colorado, you need to stop once you reach Lee’s Ferry (unless you have a permit) as any paddling to be down further on into the Grand Canyon isn’t something that can just be casually done.

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