Lake Powell Weekend Getaway

Straddling the border between Arizona and Utah, Lake Powell is a major reservoir formed by the damming of Glen Canyon on the Colorado River. Because of this, Powell’s deep blue waters branch like roots through picturesque, red-rock canyon scenery that’s attracted millions of visitors every year.

There’s plenty to do in and out of the lake. On the water itself you can enjoy activities at all speeds. Houseboating is just as popular as faster watersports, and you can fish from either a boat or the canyon’s sandy beaches. Along the rocks and sandy canyons, you can easily find stunning spots such as Rainbow Bridge to hike, tear through the scenery on an ATV, or find a quieter spot to camp and overlook the beautiful lake below.

If you’re looking to relax at the end of the day or just take a laid back trip, Lake Powell offers a number of lodges and resorts dotting its shores— or a houseboat for rent if you’re looking for unique accommodations on the water.

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