Monument Valley Weekend Getaway

Located entirely on Navajo Nation around the Four Corners area near the border between Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley consists of massive, sandstone buttes that rise up hundreds and even up to a thousand feet tall. These distant rock formations surrounded by scrubby and sandy desert are one of the most enduring and recognizable settings of the American West, and their vibrant colors might feel oddly familiar since they’ve all been photographed or filmed over for movie sets countless times.

However, while the buttes may seem like places you know from pictures, ads, and brochures— there’s still majesty to be uncovered and experienced for yourself. Take a number of tours to admire the mesmerizing formations, either self-guided or with a Navajo guide, and admire the beautiful views before stopping for traditional Navajo cuisine. Hotel rooms, RV campsites, and traditional campsites are available for those who want to spend their evening and night admiring the valley under a starry sky.

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