Los Burros Hiking

A well recommended trail for both hikers and mountain bikers, Los Burros is widely considered one of the best around Pinetop. The sights and wildlife are plentiful over its 13 mile length, and there are even 10 campgrounds near the trailhead if you’re looking for an extended stay.

The trailhead notably starts next to a historic red barn before taking you through a wide meadow surrounded by ponderosa pines. You’ll find evidence of logging activities, or even see some of it yourself, as you pass through a mix of healthy forest and more colorfully flowering meadows— but it doesn’t seem to deter the astounding amount of wildlife in the area. You’ll find signs of wild cats and bears aplenty while the jays sing in the trees. Elusive coyotes will sometimes cross the trail just ahead of you and disappear into the vegetation, and you might just be lucky enough to catch a sight of grazing elk or wild horses that call this region home.

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