Thompson Trail Hiking

If you’re looking to enjoy the sights and sounds of water for an entire hike, then the Thompson Trail in Greer is the spot for you. This 4.7 mile in and out trail is perfect for the whole family and provides plenty to hear and see throughout its brief but sweet length.

The trail is well marked both along the dirt and how it follows the West Fork of the Black River for its entire duration. The water brings a bounty of wildlife in and around it, so expect to see lots of bees and the flowers they pollinate, butterflies, and more terrestrial critters like squirrels, lizards, and snakes. While the shade around the river can be on and off, the cool air and almost constant breeze that the river brings with it is often enough to keep the air pleasant for the entire trek. Keep in mind when the last rain was so you can prepare appropriate footwear before you visit, as the trail can get quite muddy and marshy in some sections when the river level swells.

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