Picacho Peak Hiking

Resting off Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson, Picacho Peak is one of southern Arizona’s most distinguishable mountains and has proven a landmark since long before cards were driving past it on the highway. While it draws in plenty of visitors for being the site of the westernmost battle in the Civil War, plenty more come for the heart pounding experience of climbing the peak itself.

Though the trail up to the top is hardly 3 miles long, it comes with a staggering 2099 foot elevation gain. The trail may be covered in interesting wildlife and a flare of color from poppy flowers (depending on rain) but you’ll likely have your eyes to the rocks and cables making handholds all the way up and down. The effort is well worth the experience and the spectacular view from up top, but it’s wise to be prepared with gloves along with water and sunscreen if you’re taking the trek on a warm day.

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