Red Rock Crossing Hiking

Once you’re done with Cathedral Rock, or if you’re just looking for a short walk to a relaxing point, head over to Red Rock Crossing. This small section of Oak Creek is less than a quarter mile in and out from the nearest parking lot, and it provides a breathtaking experience for all sorts.

For hikers, the memorable sight of a clear creek running over Sedona’s sandstone provides an excellent start on a hike to longer trails connected nearby. If you’ve just finished a sunny hike at Cathedral Rock, the waterfront is an excellent spot to both cool off and admire one of the more iconic angles of the landmark. The water is constantly a bit warmer than the more famous Slide Rock, and provides swimming holes that are both of more pleasant temperature and less busy.

The crossing is another spot known to hold one of Sedona’s vortexes, and provides yet another reason to visit after Cathedral Rock if you’re on the more spiritual side. While you can stick around until sunset to get the best view, be warned that a peaceful creekside will become swarmed with cameras for pictures and videos of this famous view.

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