Cathedral Rock Hiking

Cathedral Rock’s formation is visible all around Sedona, and one of the most photographed sights in the state. Not only is the gorgeous butte available to scale, but the trail is relatively short and accessible to all visitors.

Less than 1.5 miles in length, Cathedral rock’s trail is more a loose pathway than a strict line. Multiple columns of rocks, also known as cairns, dot the worn sandstone and show hikers where to go up the formation. Some sections of the trail are a bit steep and will require some minor climbing to navigate, and often only accommodate one hiker at a time, so it’s well advised to watch your step and be aware of others on the trail. The ‘saddle’ of the rock formation is the turnaround point in the trail, and it’s a perfect spot to stop for a break and admire high views of Sedona. If you’re really looking for a stunning shot, there’s a narrow ledge that wraps around to a lookout point; however, this is only for those with nerves of steel and isn’t recommended.

Cathedral Rock is also supposedly home to one of Sedona’s many vortexes for those who are more inclined to the spiritual side. Whether or not you lean into this line of thought is up to you, but the scenery and atmosphere about the area is refreshing regardless of what you believe in.

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