Rim Lake Vista Trail Hiking

More of a paved path than a trail, the Rim Lake Vista Trail is a 4.2 mile loop that gives visitors to the Mogollon Rim a sampling of the wonders to enjoy in the area. It’s an easy trail to walk all year round, but be wary of storm clouds during the summer monsoon seasons— for the Mogollon Rim is one of the most lightning struck places in the world.

As for the trail itself, it comfortably follows one of the Mogollon Rim’s scenic roads for part of its loop that takes hikers past a number of picturesque outcroppings to test your nerves and grab that photo souvenir with the Rim’s vast drop off in the background. The rest is filled with the beautiful pine woods and wildflowers that make the Rim’s atmosphere what it is, so definitely hit this one up if you’re visiting for the photo ops.

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