Swansea Road ATVing

Regarded as a recreational playground on the western edge of Arizona, Lake Havasu is a great spot for a weekend getaway— and there’s far more to do in and around the lake than just watersports. The land around Lake Havasu City is filled with open desert, colorful canyons, sandy washes and dunes, and old remnants of Arizona’s mining history that see off-roading enjoyment weekend after weekend.

Hardly an hour south of Lake Havasu City, you’ll find the town of Bouse and the Swansea Road that leads to the ghost town of Swansea. The 23 mile trail to the town itself is on a fairly wide and easy going dirt road that gets somewhat steep and narrow as you climb up and down the mountains to Swansea. Once there, you’ll have all the time you need to awe over and explore the well preserved ruins and foundations of this old mining town.

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