Bell Rock Hiking

Named after its telltale shape, Bell Rock is clear and easy to see as it occupies the heart of Sedona. The iconic landmark is a tempting location to visit, and it’s thankfully accessible to hikers and bikers of all levels— you can even bring your dog, so long as they stay on leash.

The main Bell Rock pathway trail is what’s easily accessible to hikers of all ages, and runs a mainly flat 3.6 miles from the Bell Rock Vista parking lot to the Courthouse Vista parking lot. The trail doesn’t loop around Bell Rock itself, but instead goes around fields and forest on the western side of the landmark that gets you far closer than any view from the nearby highway. Feel free to walk the full length there and back between both parking lots, but if you’re bringing the kids and your dog for the walk we’d recommend going halfway before turning around. Be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings as well, for this trail can get pretty busy.

If you’re looking to scale part of Bell Rock itself, there’s a side trail closer to the Courthouse Vista parking side that allows you up into the lower reaches of the landmark. This section can be deceptively rocky and steep, so take part only if you’re looking for a brief challenge to more impressive views.

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