Courthouse Butte Hiking

Neighboring the more popular Bell Rock and accessible from the same parking lots, the Courthouse Butte Loop is an excellent trail to take if you’re a moderately experienced hiker looking to avoid the potential crowds that Bell Rock pathway attracts.

The loop is a bit less than 4 miles from either parking lot, and there’s less than 400 feet of elevation gain along the varied trail. You’ll have plenty to see along the trail that goes around both Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, travels down smooth stone washes, and skirts past the peculiarly saucer-like Spaceship Rock.

The solitude this trail provides is also a boon in itself. While the parking lots will often be packed, a majority of their visitors will be focused on the easier Bell Rock pathway, likely leaving just yourself and a few others to enjoy the quiet of Courthouse Butte at your own pace and peace.

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