Blue Ridge Cave Trail Hiking

A decent trek for all skill levels, the Blue Ridge Cave Trail is a 6.6 mile in and out hike that features a lot to see and goes in and out to an intriguing cave. Just watch your step when taking the trip, for there’s a lot of volcanic rocks and equestrian traffic that tend to leave some presents for foot traffic.

The sights for this hike are solid all the way through. The trail features a lake, a riparian area between it and some easy creek crossings, and a stunning variety of wildflowers that really brighten up the experience. About halfway through, you’ll come to the signature sight of the trail— the Ice Cave. The cave is fenced off for preservation, but the gate into it is sometimes open for visitors. Unfortunately there isn’t any actual ice inside, but a constant chill breeze that flows out from this rocky hole in the ground provides enough reason for its name. It may be possible to climb into the cave itself if you’re feeling brave, but we’d recommend just standing up top and peering in for as long as you want to enjoy the cool updraft.

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