Los Caballos Hiking

This is one of the longest trails in the White Mountains system, and its full 14.6 mile length and 1,213 foot elevation changes should only be undertaken by those prepared for a full day or looking for an overnight backpacking stay. Be prepared with water and sunscreen as well if you’ve gotten used to other hikes in the area, as the trail’s lower elevation and thinner forest makes for a warmer and sunnier experience.

While the open terrain and comparative lack of shade may be a turn off for some, it’s a boon in many cases for this trail. The extended sightlines provide a grand view of the distant Mogollon Rim and the nearby White Mountain Apache Reservation, and the wide elevation changes provide a number of shady stopping points to admire the forested terrain spread out before you. Most of the trail is made up by a wide ATV track, so expect to be sharing the road with vehicles making a slow rocky crawl or keep it in mind as a return option to bring some travel variety back to this excellent trail.

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