Devil’s Bridge Hiking

One of Sedona’s signature sights, Devil’s Bridge is a naturally made sandstone arch that towers above the local scenery. The trail leading to the arch is quite popular, both for the spectacular and the ease of the hike itself.

The first mile section of the trail is an easygoing dirt road. While it’s wide, we’d recommend sticking to the side of the road due to the multitude of jeep and offroading tours that go past. Following a fork in the trail off the road, you’ll head up a gradual incline toward the arch itself.

Eventually, you’ll have two options for viewing the arch. The first is the lower path, which you can use to head up under the arch itself and gain an appreciation for its size and scale— along with the shade it gives on a particularly hot day. The second, however, is the most exciting. You’ll head up a short but steep uphill climb to get up to the bridge itself. At this point, you can admire the stunning views from above the bridge or continue on to take a classic photo on top of the arch itself. Though the bridge is wide, it’s best to watch your step so you don’t get too close to the edge.

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