The Grand Canyon Weekend Getaway

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon stretches more than 277 miles long, 18 miles at its widest point, and up to a mile deep. Layers of colorful rock and eroded geological forces create incomparable views that leave visitors in awe at every level of the Canyon.

While going in by trail is the best known method of entering the Grand Canyon, there are a variety of ways to enjoy its majesty. There are plenty of paths both easy and difficult weaving in and out of the canyon. For those who aren’t experienced trekkers, taking a mule or helicopter down is also an option, or a river tour through a rafting company is also a popular choice. Backpack camping or getting lodgings at the bottom of the Canyon (both of which are competitively reserved) is a bucket list experience whether you’re at the lively Phantom Ranch or the many, turquoise waterfalls of Havasupai.

Not every activity resides within the Canyon, of course. Visitors up top can enjoy the sights and history of the Canyon on comfortable footpaths, bike trails, and scenic drives to notable landmarks.

Of approximately five million visitors who will visit the Grand Canyon every year, only half plan to stay at one of the packed Grand Canyon National Park Lodges. With seven lodges and one trailer village within the National Park, visitors need to plan in advance and hope for a little luck in order to secure such coveted reservations.

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