Soldier’s Pass Hiking

If you’re looking for a handful of sights in one trail, go for Soldier’s Pass trail. This hike has sights to see around every corner of its 4.5 mile length, and those looking for an easy trail can find just as much enjoyment as visitors seeking something a bit more difficult. The largest sight of this trail is the Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, which is currently over 150 feet wide and 50 feet deep. Rain and other geological forces have shaped the sinkhole since it initially collapsed in the 1880’s, and its limestone walls will continue to expand in the future.

Less than a mile further are The Seven Sacred Pools, naturally carved out of beautiful sandstone by a natural spring. Depending on the season, the pools may have little water in them; however, after a heavy rain they’re a popular sight for becoming cascading waterfalls.

If you hike further along into the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness Area and head towards the cliffs, you’ll find the steep ascent to the top of Brian’s Mesa. This section is where the trail gets difficult, but the caves to peek into and the gorgeous scenery from up top are well worth the climb.

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