North Kaibab Trail Hiking

The only maintained trail that connects the North Rim with the Colorado River, the North Kaibab is a 14 mile trail one way. As it starts almost a thousand feet higher than the South Rim, expect an even more diverse environment to awe at as you take the classic Grand Canyon steep switchbacks that continue to reveal more and more amazing views all the way down. Doing the full trail out and back is a strenuous 28 mile journey, so we’d recommend aiming for a scenic point to turn around rather than enduring the trail’s full measure.
A plus to the North Rim being less visited than the South is the solitude that comes with it, and the North Kaibab always provides a more peaceful experience than the South. Along the way, you’ll have more quiet time to reflect upon what you’re passing by and admire the sights. At 1.7 miles down you’ll come across the enclosed shade of the Supai Tunnel, and 4.7 in you’ll encounter the Roaring Springs as a decent spot to rest before turning back. If you’re feeling tough, you can keep going to the Manzanita Rest Area (5.4 miles), Cottonwood Campground (6.8 miles, and permits required to camp), the secluded and gorgeously mossy Ribbon Falls (8.4 miles), or far beyond to the end of the trail and the Bright Angel Campground near the Colorado River for the full 14 miles in.

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