Woods Canyon Lake Loop Hiking

This lake is one of the most popular recreation spots on the Rim. Full of stocked trout, surrounded by tall pines, often shaded by cloud cover, and featuring nesting bald eagles— it’s easy to see why so many people congregate here. A peaceful 3.7 mile trail gently loops around the lake, and it’s a perfect family hike if you’re camping nearby or looking to enjoy every aspect of the location for the day.

The majority of the trail hugs the lake, and you’ll likely have plenty of fishermen and kayakers to wave at as everyone enjoys their merry time. When the marked path does stray from the lakeshore, you’ll have both a gorgeous and grassy creekside to admire partway through and the majestic of the forest itself. If you keep your eyes to the sky, you might even see the stick-bundled masses of eagle nests and one of our national birds coming back with a catch in its talons. Once you’re done with your hike, there’s a country store at the lake’s main parking lot that can provide a cool drink and a bite to eat. Or if you’re feeling up to the water, there’s boat rentals available as well.

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