Railroad Tunnel Hiking Trail

Care to see the entrance to a long abandoned railroad project, heralding back to a wilder time when iron horses were the prime mode of transportation? If so, make the trip to the edge of the Mogollon Rim and take the steep descent down into remains of Arizona history.

The 1.5 mile trail wastes no time in heading down a rocky ravine full of loose stone and sand, so be extra careful to watch your footing and avoid an unpleasant fall. After the first mile down, you’ll see a sign stuck into a fallen log showing the way— back up the other side of the ravine. Going up is just as hard as coming down, but the lack of distance means this trip won’t be too difficult. Eventually, you’ll reach the ruined remains of an old powder house which makes an excellent breakpoint before heading back. Next to it is the dark entrance of the old railroad project. It’s unfortunate to see that the rock inside is colored up by graffiti, but the sight is still just as impressive as the air inside it is cool.

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