Water Wheel Falls Hiking

Usually crowded in the summer, this is a spot that’s best hit up during warmer periods off season or on the weekdays. Named for the old water wheel that rests near the trail, water definitely remains the theme for this trail. The path goes across multiple water crossings, waterfalls, and water eroded gorges that end at a perfect swimming hole under Ellison Falls.

You’ll often see this area packed with families and maybe even a few brave cliff jumpers from the rocks above. The water here is just as cold as it is clear, and it swells around the stair-cut fallen tree that makes the signature piece for photos of the falls and the pool. Take your time having fun in the water either here or at a few smaller pools on the way up, just be sure to pack out your garbage so this aquatic spot in the Arizona desert remains just as beautiful for the next visitors.

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